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Bakers hand plaque of appreciation to Mayor Parojinog

February 11, 2008

OZAMIZ CITY---Right after the usual singing of the invocation, national anthem and the oath of the government employees in the facade of the city hall, the emcee called out the names of non-governmental associations given certificates of appreciation for their support to the Adopt a School Program and Adopt a Street program of the city government. A dozen names were called and lesser than that came to claim their plaques made of framed printed paper.
But while Mayor Reynaldo O. Parojinog gave out certificates, one association stood out because its officers came up to the stage to give out a plaque of appreciation for his support to their sector.
The Ozamiz City Bakers Association did just that.
Its president Steve Villegas and vice-president Mary Eleanor “Norie” Bernad came to hand out a small blue parchment design plastic plaque to mayor for his support to the processed foods sector, the likes of which had never been seen in the city’s history since its founding in 1745 by the Spanish colonialists.
Norie is the wife of Vice Mayor Carlos Bernad, whose foreparents donated the lot on which the City Hall and plaza stand. They own the Bernad Subdivision, among the city’s first and biggest.
With them was Mario L. Cuezon, a specialist of the Department of Trade and Industry-Misamis Occidental working for the processed foods sector.
Villegas read the text of the plaque which detailed Parojinog’s support to the processed foods sector by sponsoring the First Ozamiz Fiesta Baking and Laya Cooking Contests. The contests were the search for the best delicacies produced by its bakeries and home-based food sector and for the best recipes in cooking laya fish, which it is trying to develop for the tourism industry.
The contests held last July 14, 2007 –two days before its fiesta in honor of the Virgin Mary bearing the name Nuestra Senora del Triunfo—was the first held by a city government of the province for professional bakers and cooks. Previous cooking and baking contests held in the city and other towns and cities in Misamis Occidental were usually held during Nutrition Month and had students and or mothers as participants. The baking contest was the second sponsored by an LGU, after that of the town of Jimenez, 24 kilometers to its north.
After reading the text, Villegas handed the plaque to the mayor who is descended from the province’s first governor, congressman and the only senator, Jose Ozamiz, from Jimenez town. Ozamiz City was renamed Ozamiz in honor of this forebear who was martyred by the Japanese during World War II. Ozamiz held a post in the puppet government but secretly supported the guerrilla movement. He was found out and was incarcerated and tortured at Fort Santiago and beheaded at the Paco Cemetery.
Villegas. Bernad and Cuezon then congratulated mayor.
The plaque which was ordered from Crown Paper and Stationers was supposed to be given last December but mistakes in the names of two signatories made the giver withdraw it for correction. Bernad’s surname was misspelled as Bernard while that of Cuezon became Cuizon. The manufacturer owned up its mistake and made another one which was only finished late last month.
Other signatories who failed to come were Jean Y. Te of JYT House of Bread; treasurer Raymund Pintacasi of Bag-ong Ozamiz Bakery, press relations officers (PRO) Evan Batiquin of Red Cherry Bakery, and Dante Lungay of Betty’s Bakery.
Mayor had provided almost P200,000.00 for the baking and cooking contest last year which was attended by 22 participants bringing in 70 food entries.The contest awarded the best patatas, best cookies, best native delicacies, best lean bread, best sweet bread and best filled bread.
Awards consisted of plaques, cash prizes of P3,000.00, P2,000.00 and P1,000.00 for first, second and third prizes respectively, and tarpaulins announcing the victories which were placed in the facades of their establishments. The plaques were ordered through Crown Paper and Stationers branch in this city but were reportedly made in Cagayan de Oro.
Among the bakeries who hauled in prizes in the contests were JYT House of Bread, Bag-ong Ozamiz Bakery, Madelicious Bakery, Offelieth’s Bakery, Sam’s Bakery and Apolinario Superable of Western Mindanao School of Technology.
Villegas is the manager of Mark’s Bakery, which produces bread and other delicacies like cheese bread, krinkles, patatas, and various kinds of cookies. The bakery has a store in the city center and another in the agora.
Bernad, who is the spouse of Vice Mayor Carlos Bernad, manages the food establishment known for its chocolate products, siopao, meat bread and other delicacies.
JYT House of Bread is known for its lean breads and other specialties. It won first prize in the best cookies category in this year’s baking contest and second prize in best lean bread.
Bag-ong Ozamiz Bakery won four prizes in this year’s baking contest for its patatas, cookies, meat roll and ube sweet bread.
Aside from breads, Red Cherry Bakeshop also produces delicacies like torta, cookies and banana chips.
Dante Lungay’s Betty’s Bakeshop at the agora is known for its Pan Ramona.
Cuezon is the first staff to encourage LGUs to stage baking contests as part of product development and marketing strategy for the best products and producers.
The cost of the plaque came from the surplus funds donated by Pilmico Foods Corporation sales manager Gerson Laban for activities to benefit the baking sector.
The plaque was made by Crown Paper and Stationer. It was supposed to be given late last year but because of errors in spelling caused by the manufacturer, it had to be withdrawn and redone.
After the program, Villegas was interviewed by Michael Medina of the Mindanao Herald. He said that while pandesal costs P2 to P3 in Manila, in Ozamiz, there are still some bakeries selling them at the old price –P1 per piece. He said that they are also considerate of their consumer’s hardships.

Duha ka Baking Contests himoon sa Abril 7 sa Jimenez

Mario L. Cuezon
April 1, 2008

Magbaha ang mga pan, cakes ug native delicacies sa munisipyo sa Jimenez, Misamis Occidental Karong Lunes, Abril 7, 2008.
Duha ka baking contests and himoon sa maong lungsod sa maong higayon.
Sa buntag himoon ang Municipal-Wide Baking Contest nga bukas lamang sa mga manghimoay og pagkaon nga nagpuyo o gikan sa Jimenez.
Sa hapon, himoon ang 1st Pilmico Open Invitational Baking Contest nga mahimong apilan sa bisan kinsa nga interesado. Sa ato pa, bukas kini sa taga-Jimenez ug sa taga-gawas sa Jimenez, kadtong gikan sa Misamis Occidental ug bisan taga-laing probinsya, nasud ug bisan pag taga-laing planeta.
Sa Municipal-Wide Baking Contest, dunay siyam ka kategorya nga mahimong apilan sa taga-Jimenez:
Best Traditional Torta
Best Modern Torta
Best Chiffon Cake
Best Chocolate Cake
Best Patatas
Best Cookies
Best Suman (dahon sa saging ang putos)
Best Bibingka
Best Puto-Bugas
Ang Best Traditional Torta kadtong karaang torta nga gihimo sa atong katigulangan. Kini gigamitan sa third class flour, papel hapon ug mahimong gagmay o dagko, depende sa gusto sa magluto. Ang Best Modern Torta kadtong hinimo nga dunay mga bag-ong sangkap o lahi na og hitsura kung ikumpara sa tortang karaan. Ang Best Chiffon Cake mahimong ordinary, mocca, chocolate ug unsa pa diha ang gidugang nga ingredients basta and porma ug kalami niini chiffon. Ang Best Chocolate Cake mahimong butangan og icing nga chocolate o palaman nga caramel o leche flan basta basically chocolate cake gyud. Ang Best Patatas mahimong lain-lain og porma, gidak-on ug mahimong dungagan og mga ingredients nga pangpalamian basta mailhan pa nga patatas gyud siya. Ang Best Cookies mahimo usab nga lain-laig kolor, lami, gidak-on, ingredients basta makit-an nga cookies pa gyud ang kalami.
Sa Best Suman, kinahanglang pilit nga puti ra ang gamiton ug giputos sa dahon sa saging. Sa Best Bibingka, bisan unsa nga klase nga materyal ang himoong bibingka. Mahimong bugas nga gigaling, kamoteng kahoy o unsa pa diha pero dili harina. Sa Best Puto Bugas, mahimong iapil ang gigaling nga bugas humay o mais pero dili mahimo ang harina nga gikan sa trigo o wheat.
Aduna usay photography contest nga gipahigayon uban sa New Lam Chiong nga bukas sa bisan kinsa nga interesado, bisan og dili pa taga-Jimenez. Duha ang kategorya:
Best Photograph of Processed Foods made in Jimenez
Best Tourist Spot of Jimenez
Ang interesado nga moapil sa photography contest kinahanglang magpadevelop sa ilang letrato sa New Lam Chiong sa Ozamiz ug didto magfill-up og registration form. Ang letrato kinahanglang 8 by 10 ang gidak-on.
Ipahibalo usab sa buntag sa Abril 7 ang nakadaog sa Cleanest Bakery Contest nga gihuwesan sa mga empleyado sa Municipal Health Office sa ilawom sa superbisyon ni Dr. Carolyn Quimbo-Galleros.
Sa ala-una sa hapon ang sugod sa 1st Pilmico Open Invitational Baking Contest nga apilan sa mga bakeries gikan sa sulod ug gawas sa Jimenez.Ang maong kontes bukas sa bisan kinsang bakery o manghimoay og pan sa bisan asang lugar sa probinsya, kasikbit nga probinsya sa Lanao o Zamboanga o sa Mindanao o Pilipinas.
Para sa moapil, kinahanglang dal-on nila ang ilang linuto nga pan sa ala-una sa hapon sa Abril 7 diha sa ikaduhang ang-ang sa munisipyo sa Jimenez. Kinahanglang magfill-up sa registration form ang moapil ug mobayad og P10 kada food entry. Mahimong moapil og pila ka entries sa tanang kategorya.
Apil sa maong kontes ang upat ka kategorya:
Best Pan de Sal
Best Pan de Leche
Best Ensaymada
Best New Bread o Bag-ong Pan
Kini mao ang pinakauna gayud nga invitational baking contest diri sa Misamis Occidental.
Ang makadaog makadawat og plake ug harina gikan sa Pilmico Foods Corporation ug ang titulo nga pinakalami nga mga pan sa atong probinsya karong tuiga.
Ang mga premyo gipahigayon ni Sheila Cuyos, marketing officer sa Pilmico Cebu ug Jerson C. Laban, sales manager sa Zamboanga-Misamis area.
Pormal na nga miaplay sa pag-apil ang La Europa Bakeshop nga nakabase sa Geege MegaMall sa Ozamiz City.
Verbal nga nagpahayag og interes ang JYT House of Bread, Carmela Dulce, Bag-ong Ozamiz Bakeshop ug Mark’s Bakeshop sa Ozamiz ; Lee Bakery sa Tudela ; SBU Bakeshop, Jesse and James Bakeshop sa Oroquieta ug Ukay Bakeshop ug Sunny Bee Bakeshop sa Jimenez.
Nahatagan na og imbitasyon ang mga mayor sa Bonifacio, Tangub, Ozamiz, Oroquieta, Clarin, Tudela, Sinacaban, Panaon, ug Aloran sa pagpahibalo sa ilang ginsakpan. Gipadalhan na usab ang mga dagkong bakeries sa maong mga lugar.
Naimbitar sa Bonifacio ang Three Sisters Bakeshop, Geisha Bakeshop, Noval’s Bakeshop ug Momongan Bakeshop. Sa Ozamiz, nahatagan og sulat-imbitasyon ang Madelicious Bakeshop, City Bakehouse, Mark’s Bakeshop, Bag-ong Ozamiz Bakeshop, Carmela Dulce, Western Mindanao School of Technology, Park n’Go, Julie’s Bakeshop, Sam’s Bakeshop, Bernal’s Bakery, Ria Thrifty Mart Bakery, Red Cherry Bakery, La Europa Bakeshop, Rowena’s Bakeshop, Golden Bakeshop, Offelieth’s Bakeshop, JSW United Bakery, JYT House of Bread ug Naomi’s Bakery.
Karaan nang mga bakeries ang Naomi’s Bakery, Sam’s Bakery, JSW United Bakery ug Bernal Bakery. Nailhan ang Naomi’s Bakery ug Offelieth’s Bakery sa ilang gihimong patatas samtang ang Sam’s Bakery nailhan sa ilang mga cookies. Ang Carmela Dulce nailhan sa ilang chocolate cakes, siopao ug meat bread samtang ang JYT House of Bread ilado sa ilang pan de leche ug nagkalain-laing native delicacies. Ang La Europa nailhan sa ilang baguettes, lean bread ug produktong para sa high end market.
Ang Madelicious Bakeshop, Bag-ong Ozamiz Bakery, Western Mindanao School of Technology, JYT House of Bread ug Offelieth’s Bakeshop nakadaog na sa 1st Ozamiz Baking Contest niadtong 2007 nga gipasiugdahan sa Ozamiz City LGU
Sa Clarin, naimbitar ang Bano Bakery, S and J Little Bakeshop, MJV Bakeshop, Layman’s Bakeshop, ER Rowena’s Bakeshop. Sa Tudela, nahatagan ang Lee Bakery ug JJ and J Bakery. Ang Lee Bakery nailhan sa ilang pineapple pie, buko pie, puto-cheese ug uban pa. Sa Sinacaban, napahibalo na ang Fatima’s Bakery, PJT Bakery, Atina Breadhaus, Keene’s Bakeshop ug Phesas Mini-Bakery. Sa Panaon, naimbitar ang Deothel Bakery ug H & N Bakeshop.
Napahibalo sa Jimenez ang 14 ka mga bakeries ug daghang mga home-based food processors. Sa mga bakeries, nakadaog na niadtong miaging tuig ang Magadan’s Bakery, Three Sister’s Bakery, Ukay’s Bakeshop ug Ellys Bakeshop. Sa mga home-based food processors, mananaog na sa baking contest niadtong 2007 silang Janice Luzano (Joy and Jay’s Cakes, Art Cakes and Party Balloons), Leonila Berhay, Luz Sumena, MATALBA ARC, Teresita Lasta ug Mercy Duhaylungsod.
Sa Aloran, napahibalo ang 3J Bakeshop, Pan de Aloran, Je-zel Store, Darling Store ug Jar’s Bakeshop. Sa Oroquieta, napahibalo ang SBU Bakery, CitiBread, Pure Pilipino Bakery, Julie’s Bakeshop, Park n’ Go, Valmoria Bakery, Carmela Dulce, Wholesome Bakery, AHL Richie, Ahl Rosie Bakery, Rowena’s Bakery ug Saint Martin’s Bakeshop. Ang SBU Bakeshop nailhan sa ilang raisin ug chocolate loaf breads.
Kini mga kontes gipasiugdahan sa Jimenez local government unit sa ilawom ni Mayor Ranulfo B. Limquimbo, Jimenez Bakers and Other Food Processors Association, Department of Trade and Industry, New Lam Chiong ug Pilmico.
Kini ang ikaduhang tuig nga maghimo og baking contest atol sa Araw ng Jimenez.
Para sa registration, palihog tawag kang Marilyn Medez sa mayor’s office (099-272-3808) o kang Tata Maulas-Luza, chair sa baking contest committee sa 0921-954-4498.

Jimenez mini-fair earns P 49T

Mario L. Cuezon
April 10, 208

Sales in the Araw ng Jimenez mini-fair last April 8, 2008 at the Catholic church plaza of Jimenez, Misamis Occidental totaled P48,893.75.
This was announced by mayor’s office staff, Eppie Pang-an-Palanas, who led the sales monitoring team.
The first prize went to Cluster 5 composed of barangays Carmen, Nacional and Sibaroc which reported a sales of P10,600.00. Ms. Procesa Ramos, a banana trader, handled most of the sales earned by the group.
Second prize went to Dhen-Dhen Shake and Accessories of Dennis Demicillo which reported sales of P8,600.00. Palanas said that the group owned several stalls selling mango shake and accessories for young people.
Third prize went to Cluster 6 grouping barangays Matugas Bajo, Matugas Alto and Butuay, They reported sales of 7,595.75.
Another cluster grouping Santa Cruz, Palilan and Malibacsan reported 7,595.75 as their sales.
Others who reported sales beyond P1,000 were Wendy Alejo of Davao City, Alex Alagasi of Ozamiz City, the Jimenez Tourism Office and Cluster 4. All the others were small vendors who reported earnings from P200 to P500.
The top three highest sales winners will each get plaques from the Department of Trade and Industry-Misamis Occidental.

Jimenez LGU nangimbitar para sa baking contest

Mario L. Cuezon
April 3, 2008

Ang lokal nga kagamhanan sa Jimenez, Misamis Occidental nangimbitar sa katawhan sa Misamis Occidental sa pagtambong sa 2nd Araw ng Jimenez Municipal-Wide Baking Contest sa buntag sa Abril 7 (Lunes) ug sa 1st Pilmico Open Invitational Baking Contest sa hapon sa Abril 7 diha sa munisipyo sa Jimenez.
Ang mga kontes himoon sa ikaduhang andana samtang sa unang andana dunay fair kon pamaligya og lain-laing mga pagkaon nga hinimo sa taga-Jimenez ug sa moapil sa kontes gikan sa lain-laing lungsod ug syudad diri sa lalawigan.
I-announce usab ni Dr. Carolyn Q. Galleros, municipal health officer, sa maong higayon ang mga mananaug sa Cleanest Bakery Contest karong tuiga.

2nd Araw ng Jimenez Baking-Cleanest Contest
Ang Municipal-Wide Baking Contest giisponsor sa Jimenez LGU uban sa Department of Trade and Industry-Misamis Occidental. Samtang ang 1st Pilmico Open Invitational Baking Contest giisponsor sa Pilmico Foods Corporation ug giduyugan sa Jimenez LGU ug DTI. Naghatag og istremer ang Tanduay Distillers nga nakabase sa Ozamiz.
Kini ang ikaduhang Araw ng Jimenez baking contest. Naghimo og unang Araw ng Jimenez baking contest niadtong 2007 ug ingon man usa ka Jimenez Fiesta Baking Contest nga giko-sponsor sa Pilmico Foods Corporation.
Karong tuiga, adunay kontes usab sa Cleanest Bakery nga nakabase sa Jimenez. Kini usab ang ikaduhang higayon sa maong kontes.
Apil sa mga kategorya sa baking contest ang mosunod:
Best Traditional Torta
Best Modern Torta
Best Chiffon Cake
Best Chocolate Cake
Best Patatas
Best Cookies
Best Suman
Best Bibingka
Best Puto Bugas
Ang premyo sa makadaug, P1,000.00 sa unang ganti, P800.00 sa ikaduhang ganti ug P500.00 sa ikatulong ganti. Hatagan usab og mga plake ang mga nakadaug. Gikan ang premsyo sa Jimenez LGU sa ilawom sa administration ni Mayor Ranulfo B. Limquimbo.
Niadtong isang tuig, ang kategorya sa kontes, lima lamang : best sandwich, best torta, best cakes, best delicacies (bakery sector), best delicacies (home-based food processors). Dunay 20 ka miapil nga gadala og 60 ka food entries.
Sa karon, lima pa lamang ka kontestant ang narehistro sa Municipal-Wide Baking Contest. Diyes pesos kada entry ang registration fee.
Tulo ka kontestants and mosabmit og suman, usa ang mosabmit og bibingka ug usa ang mosabmit og puto bugas. Sila gikan sa barangay Carmen, Matugas Alto ug Gata.
Sila mao si Paulina Damason, Regina Darug, Putin, ug Anita Lagata.
Misumitir na usab sa iyang aplikasyon si Janice Luzano (Joy and Jay’s Cakes, Artcakes and Party Balloons) sa cakes categories. Mosabmit siya og tulo ka entries sa best chiffon ug duha sa best chocolate cakes categories. Nakadaug na si Janice og unang ganti sa best cakes niadtong 1st Araw ng Jimenez Baking-Cleanest Contest ug second ug third prize sa best chiffon sa 1st Jimenez Fiesta Baking Contest.

1st Pilmico Open Invitational

Ang 1st Pilmico Open Invitational Baking Contest dunay upat ka kategorya:
Best Pan de Sal
Best Pan de Leche
Best Ensaymada
Best New Bread
Mohatag og plake ug harina ang Pilmico sa mga makakuha sa una, ikaduha ug ikatulong ganti. Giisponsor kini sa Pilmico Foods Corporation, usa ka kompanyang nakabase sa Iligan City nga naghimo og harina.
Miaprob sa maong kontes sila si Jerson Laban, sales manager sa Northwestern Mindanao ug Sheila Cuyos, marketing department sa Cebu office sa Pilmico.
Sa karon, 41 food entries gikan sa siyam ka bakeries na ang narehistro sa 1st Pilmico Open Invitational Baking Contest . Upat ani gikan sa Clarin, upat gikan sa Tudela ug 33 gikan sa Ozamiz City.
Diyes pesos ra usab ang bayad sa kada entry nga isalmot.
Moapil sa kontes ang mga dagko, karaan ug mga bagni nga mga manghimoay og pan sa Ozamiz sama sa Naomi’s Bakery, JYT House of Bread, La Europa Bakeshop, Mark’s Bakeshop, Bag-ong Ozamiz Bakeshop, Madelicious Bakeshop, City Bake House, ug Western Mindanao School of Technology (WMST).
Ang WMST, Madelicious, Bag-ong Ozamiz Bakery ug JYT House of Bread mga dagkong mananaog sa 2007 Ozamiz Fiesta Baking-Cooking Contest. Nakadaog ang Madelicious og lima ka premyo: WMST, upat ka premyo; ang Bag-ong Ozamiz, 4 ug ang JYT, duha niadtong miaging tuig.
Ang Naomi’s maoy tighimo og patatas nga gibaligya sa mga trade fairs sa tibuok Mindanao. Sila usab ang naghimo sa bun para sa Jollibee ug dough para sa Greenwich pizza. Duna silay tulo ka tindahan sa pan. Nanganak na ang ilang negosyo og catering services, ceramics ug pottery factory, lodging houses, botanical garden, ug karong bag-o, subdivision homes.
Ang Mark’s Bakeshop maoy gigikanan sa nasikat nga Remie’s pan ramona. Ang tag-iya niini anak sa tag-iya sa Remie’s Bakery.
Ang La Europa Bakeshop anaa mahimutang sa Geege Megamall. Naghimo sila og mga mahalong pan, apil na ang baguette o French bread, croissant, chocolate sandwich ug uban pa.
Ang City Bake House nga gipanag-iyahan ni Winfred Omandam naghimo og mga cookies, sopas, pineapple pie ug uban pang pagkaon.
Miapil usab sa kontes ang Layman’s Bakery sa Clarin ug ang JJ and J Bakeshop sa Tudela.
Wala pa makasabmit sa ilang aplikasyon ang ubang mga bakeries sa Ozamiz, Clarin, Tudela, Sinacaban, Jimenez, Panaon, Aloran, Oroquieta, Lopez Jaena, Plaridel, Calamba, Sapang Dalaga ug Baliangao. Walay bakery sa Concepcion ug Don Victoriano, matud pa sa treasury offices sa maong mga lungsod.

Ist PILMICO Open Invitational Baking Contest 2008
2nd Floor, Municipal Hall
Jimenez, Misamis Occidental
41 entries as of April 3, 2008
Pan de Sal
Pan de Leche
New Bread

La Europa Bakeshop (Grace Subrabas)-1
La Europa Bakeshop (Grace Subrabas)-2 entries
La Europa Bakeshop (Grace Subrabas)-3 entries
Bag-ong Ozamiz Bakeshop (Raymond Pinatacan)-1 entry

Bag-ong Ozamiz Bakeshop (Raymond Pinatacan)-2 entries

City Bake House (Winfred I. Omandam)-1 entry

City Bake House (Winfred I. Omandam) -1 entry

Mark Bakeshop(Steve Villegas) -1 entry
Mark Bakeshop(Steve Villegas) -1 entry
Madelicious Bakeshop (Alfred Joseph Noblefranca)-1

Madelicious Bakeshop (Alfred Joseph Noblefranca)-2
Madelicious Bakeshop (Alfred Joseph Noblefranca)-2
Naomi’s Bakery (Naomi Ceniza) -1 entry
Naomi’s Bakery (Naomi Ceniza) -1 entry
Naomi’s Bakery (Naomi Ceniza) -1 entry
Naomi’s Bakery (Naomi Ceniza) -1 entry
Western Mindanao School of Technology (Apolinario Superable)-2 entries
Western Mindanao School of Technology (Apolinario Superable)-2 entries
Western Mindanao School of Technology (Apolinario Superable)-3 entries
Western Mindanao School of Technology (Apolinario Superable)-2 entries

JYT House of Bread-Jeanne Y. Te-1 entry

JYT House of Bread-Jeanne Y. Te-1 entry
Layman’s Bakery (Regino Barrientos-owner/Archieve Gordove-baker-1 entry
Layman’s Bakery (Regino Barrientos-owner/Archieve Gordove-baker-1 entry
Layman’s Bakery (Regino Barrientos-owner/Archieve Gordove-baker-1 entry
Layman’s Bakery (Regino Barrientos-owner/Archieve Gordove-baker-1 entry
JJ and J Bakershop (Teodoro Casile)- -1 entry
JJ and J Bakershop (Teodoro Casile)- -1 entry
JJ and J Bakershop (Teodoro Casile) -1 entry -
JJ and J Bakershop (Teodoro Casile)- -1 entry

La Europa Bakeshop (Grace Subrabas)-6 entries
Pan de Leche - 1
Ensaymada- 2
New Bread- 3
Bag-ong Ozamiz Bakeshop (Raymond Pinatacan)-3 entries
Pan de Sal- 1
Ensaymada -2
3.City Bake House (Winfred I. Omandam) – 2 entries
Pan de Sal- 1
Ensaymada -1
Mark Bakeshop -2 entries
Ensaymada -1
New Bread -1
4. Madelicious Bakeshop (Alfred Joseph Noblefranca)- 5 entries
Pan de Sal- 1
Pan de Leche-
Ensaymada -2
New Bread-2
5.Naomi’s Bakery (Naomi Ceniza) -4 entries
Pan de Sal- 1
Pan de Leche-1
Ensaymada -1
New Bread-1
6. Western Mindanao School of Technology (Apolinario Superable)-9 entries
Pan de Sal- 2
Pan de Leche-2
Ensaymada -3
New Bread-2
7. JYT House of Bread-Jeanne Y. Te- 2 entries
Pan de Leche- 1
New Bread-1

8. Layman’s Bakery (Regino Barrientos-owner/Archieve Gordove-baker)-4 entries
Pan de Sal- 1
Pan de Leche-1
Ensaymada -1
New Bread-1

9. JJ and J Bakershop (Teodoro Casile)-4 entries
Pan de Sal- 1
Pan de Leche-1
Ensaymada -1
New Bread-1

Jimenez LGU sponsors 2nd baking-cleanest contests

Mario L. Cuezon
March 7, 2008

For the second time around, the Jimenez local government unit under Mayor Ranulfo B. Limquimbo will sponsor another Araw ng Jimenez baking contest on April 7, 2008 at the municipal hall’s second floor lobby.
Limquimbo announced this as he signed a project proposal setting aside P50,000.00 for the event.
The contests include the search for the cleanest bakeries of Jimenez and the search for best products in support of the program One Town One Product (OTOP) of the national government and spearheaded by the Department of Trade and Industry. OTOP is a pet project of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo which aims to awaken pride of place and at the same time create new businesses and employ more people.
This year’s contests has 12 categories compared to last year’s seven.
The baking contest is open only to residents of the town.
The contests has categories for the best torta (traditional and modern), best chiffon cake (of all kinds), chocolate cake, patatas, cookies (any size, shape, ingredient), suman (wrapped with banana leaves), bibingka and puto bugas.
Food entries will have to be brought to the contest site at 8 in the morning of April 7 to be judged.
Interested participants must fill up a registration form and pay P 25.00 per food entry at the pasalubong display center or to Miss Pedrita Maulas-Luza at the market supervisor’s office at agora, Jimenez.
For the first time, the Jimenez LGU will also sponsor a photography contest in coordination with New Lam Chiong of Ozamiz City. The contest has two categories: best photograph of processed food made in the town and best photography of a tourist spot (historical building or natural scenic spot). Contestants must have their 8 by 10” (centimeters) pictures developed at New Lam Chiong where they will be made to sign an application form.
The photography contest is open even to non-residents of Jimenez.
Winners will get cash prizes of P1,000.00, P800.00 and P500.00 for first, second and third prizes plus plaques and the honor of being included in the LGU’s promotion of the best products, bakeries, and photographers.
The winners will be announced on the same day. But awarding ceremonies will be done after two weeks since the plaques will be made in Cagayan de Oro City.
Expected to slug it out for the awards are the town’s 14 bakery operators and more than two dozen food processors.
Last year, the contests featured the cleanest bakeries and cleanest eateries. The food contests include the best torta, best sandwich, best cakes, best native delicacy made by bakeries and best native delicacy by home-based food processors.

Jimenez LGU awards plaques to Pilmico staff

Mario L. Cuezon
April 8, 2008

The local government unit of Jimenez, Misamis Occidental under Mayor Ranulfo B. Limquimbo gave plaques to Pilmico Foods Corporation and four of its staff for their active support to the processed foods or bakery sector of the town and the province of Misamis Occidental.
In simple rites held during the 1st Pilmico Open Invitational Baking Contest last April 7 afternoon at the town’s municipal hall, Marilyn Q. Medez, the mayor’s secretary, handed the plaques to Dan Kristin C. Labucana and Samuel S. Cabanilla for themselves and for Pilmico and colleagues.
Limquimbo cited Pilmico’s donation of cash for plaques, flour and t-shirts for the Pilmico Baking School at Jimenez and Fiesta Baking Contest last year and this year’s 1st Pilmico-sponsored contest. He also cited the provision of trainors and raw materials for the lumpia wrapper and pancit production and other trainings.
“The generous support somehow filled the gap in institutional support for the food industry and buoyed the spirits of our stakeholders,” the plaque reads.
Pilmico’s sales manager, Jerson Laban, was awarded a plaque for making possible the donations to the bakery sector in the said town. He had helped made the trainings and contests possible through his generous support.
The plaque for Laban said, “The baking contests helped in product development and marketing. The baking seminars taught our constituents new skills.”
Sheila L. Cuyos of the marketing department in Pilmico’s Cebu office was also awarded a plaque for facilitating project proposals to the top management requesting for support for contests and trainings.
“Her fast action and kind support though she hardly knows us had buoyed the spirits of our stakeholders in the food industry,” the plaque for Cuyos reads.
Dan Kristin C. Labucana and Samuel S. Cabanilla were also awarded plaques. The two had conducted two trainings in the said town last year, one on bread making and another on lumpia wrapper and pancit production.
The plaque says that Labucana’s lectures in baking seminars from 2005 to 2007 had “greatly added to the knowledge of participants on how to make breads and cakes, lumpia wrappers and noodles, even to the point of lecturing in Matugas Bajo, eight kilometers from our poblacion.”
The plaque for Labucana further cited his “consultancies on problems of baking and scoring in contests” which “had helped in upgrading the standards of the industry.”
Cabanilla was cited “for being a trainor in baking seminars in 2007 where he shared his experiences and knowledge on making bread, noodles and lumpia wrapper even to the point of lecturing in Matugas Bajo, eight kilometers from our poblacion.” He was also cited for “his consultancies on problems of bakers which participants will forever treasure.”

2 Baking Contests held in Jimenez

Mario L. Cuezon
April 8, 2008

Two baking contests were held during the first of the two day Araw ng Jimenez celebration last April 7 at the municipal hall of Jimenez, Misamis Occidental.
The 2nd Araw ng Jimenez municipal-wide contest was held in the morning while the 1st Pilmico Open Invitational Baking Contest was held in the afternoon.
A total of 110 food entries were brought for scoring by more than 40 participants in the two contests. Some 65 food entries slugged it out for the top three prizes in each of the nine categories of the municipal-wide contest. Some 45 food entries battled it out for top three positions in four bread categories for the open invitational contest..
The contests were held at the town hall’s second floor.
The morning program was emceed by Liza Lerasan of Dezee’s Bakeshop. Eduardo Magadan, the president of the Jimenez Bakers and Other Food Processors Association, welcomed the participants to the contest which started last year with only five categories.
Dr. Carolyn Galleros of the municipal health office announced the winners of the Cleanest Bakery contest. Her staffers inspected the town’s 14 bakeries and declared the winners.
Cleanest Bakeries
Adjudged the cleanest bakery was Edwin Ukay’s Bakeshoppe. Second prize went to Sunny Bee Bakeshop of John Serino and managed by his sisters. Third prize went to Three Sisters Bakery of Jerail Delos Santos. Three Sisters Bakery started in Bonifacio town and had since expanded to two branches in Molave, Zamboanga del Sur and one in Jimenez town.
Last year’s first prize winner, Magadan’s Bakery, came in fourth in the ranking as repairs were still going on when the inspection occured. Three Sisters Bakery was second while Edwin Ukay’s Bakeshop was third in the cleanest bakery contest last year.
Vice-Mayor Norma B. Lim said that the contest showed the town’s culinary tradition. She said that the baking contest last year was municipal-wide while this year, it had gone province-wide. She was optimistic it will go region-wide next year and later, nation-wide.
Mayor Ranulfo B. Limquimbo said that the LGU had offered the food processors a way to market their products.
Limquimbo had funded the last year’s contest which gave out plaques. It was the first baking contest for professional bakers ever staged by an LGU in the province. This year’s activity was allotted a budget of P50,000.00.
Mario L. Cuezon of the Department of Trade and Industry talked about the number of participants in the nine contest categories.
Judges for the morning contest were Nenita Yuzon, Filma Bautista, Carmen Handugan, Dr. Myrna Yu, Rustica Macalisang and Eden Romero. Yuzon, Bautista and Handugan were also the judges in the 1st Araw ng Jimenez Baking Contest and the 1st Fiesta Baking Contest last year. Yu, Macalisang and Romero were among the judges in the 1st Ozamiz Fiesta Baking Contest last year.
Yuzon, Bautista, Romero and Macalisang are retired home economics teachers while Handugan is presently teaching the subject at Jimenez Central School. Dr. Tan is a medical doctor specializing in pediatrics.
Yuzon, Bautista and Handugan judged this year the traditional torta, modern torta, suman, bibingka and puto bugas categories. Yu, Macalisang and Romero judged the chiffon, chocolate, patatas and cookies categories.
They judged 65 food entries in various shapes, sizes, colors and tastes.
In the afternoon, the 1st Pilmico Open Invitational Baking Contest was held. Some 45 food entries from 15 bakeries of Ozamiz, Clarin, Tudela, Sinacaban and Jimenez were judged by Pilmico quality assurance division staffers, Dan Kristin Labucana and Samuel Cabanilla. Most of the entries came from the biggest and the best of Ozamiz bakeries like Naomi’s Bakery, La Europa, Superable’s Bakeshoppe, Madelicious Bakeshop, and City Bakehouse.
The categories were best pan de sal, best pan de leche, best ensaymada and best new bread.
The judges were Labucana, Cabanilla and DTI staffer, Julius Verdadero.
Before the day closed, the winners were read to the participants who waited the whole day.
The top prizes for the best traditional and modern torta was won by a retired elementary school teacher. Mrs. Luz Sumena, the wife of the former barangay captain in Santa Cruz, a poblacion barrio, led four of her barangay mates who joined and won in various categories of the contests.
Winners will get plaques and cash prizes amounting to P1,000 for 1st prize, P800 for second prize and P500 for third prize.
Torta is a kind of cake placed on Japanese paper laid out in molders. The traditional torta uses third class flour, pork oil or mantika, native eggs, sugar and milk. Traditional tortas, especially small ones, rise like the Mayon Volcano and sometimes had breaks at the top. The modern torta uses cake flour so the resulting product does not rise. On fiestas, torta is offered as merienda and given to visitors to bring home together with suman, cookies or viands.
Last year’s first prize winner in the torta category, was third prize in the modern torta category. Eurlyn Serino who won second and third prizes in last year’s torta contest got the second prize for the modern torta category this year. Ukay Bakeshop, which bagged second and third prizes in the best sandwich last year was third place in the traditional torta category this year.
A surprise winner was Emerita Manlangit-Bigcas, a housewife from barangay Corrales, who copped second prize in the best traditional torta. Housewives in this town usually bake torta during fiestas.
The first and second prizes for best chiffon went to Janice Luzano who copped the top prize in the best cakes category in the Araw ng Jimenez baking contest last year. She also got the second and third prize in the best chiffon in the Fiesta Baking Contest last year. She presented three chiffons and two chocolate cakes in this year’s contest but only two chiffons were awarded.
Third prize for chiffon cake went to Leonila Berhay with her pandan chiffon. Berhay won last year the top prize for best torta category.
The chocolate cake category this time was lorded over by Edwin Ukay whose refreshment store is known for suman, bolobod, kapeng bisaya and various breads, but not chocolate. Ukay is married to Arlene Galindo, a Jimeneznon, whose mother had a painitan offering their popular suman and bolobod.
A new entrant to the contest, Cheryl Maghuyop, copped the second and third prizes.
The patatas category had only three entries. First prize went to Rom El Daily Bread of Elna Putis based in barangay Dicoloc. Putis is a former OFW from Taiwan. Second prize went to Sally’s Bakeshop of Merlyn Maghuyop-Corpuz. Third prize went to Magadan’s Bakery owned by Nemesia Magadan and managed by son, Eduardo. Eduardo used to work as a seaman before.
Adjudged the best cookies were Mila’s Cookies of Mila Macalisang-Yamba whose cookies had been one of the town’s favorites for quite some time now. The second and third prizes went to Yamba’s barangay-mates, Delia Pasok and Eurlyn Serino.
In the suman category, the surprising winner was Virginia Masay from Seti, a barangay on a plateau seven kilometers from the poblacion. Second prize was shared by Pedrita Panganoron of San Isidro and Teresita Lasta of Taboo. Third prize went to Ildefonsa Pang-an followed by Edwin Ukay Bakeshop.
Lasta won first prize last year in the best native delicacy (home based food processors sector) with her moron.
The best bibingka came from Narcisa Caylan of San Isidro. Following her were Anita Lagulos of Gata and Rufina Balagot, who got the second and third prizes respectively.
Anita Lagulos who joined last year and lost also won the best puto bugas category this year. Second prize went to Nena Sitoy of San Isidro and Teresita Lasta of Taboo.
Most of the winners come from barangays Santa Cruz, San Isidro, Gata and Taboo.
As for the 1st Pilmico Open Invitational Baking Contest, most of the prizes were hauled in by Superable Bakeshoppe of Apolinario Superable who operates the Western Mindanao School of Technology and Naomi’s Bakery.
Superable won two first prizes in best pan de leche and best new bread while Naomi’s Bakery won two first prizes also in best pan de sal and best ensaymada. Superable actually won seven prizes. It also won second and third prizes for best pan de sal, second prize for pan de leche, second and third prize for best ensaymada.
Superable won four prizes in the Ozamiz City baking contest last year.
Naomi’s also won second prize in best new bread.
La Europa Bakeshop got the third prize for best pan de leche while Madelicious Bakeshop won third prize for best new bread.
Both Naomi’s and La Europa did not join in the Ozamiz contest last year.
Madelicious was the most awarded bakery in the Ozamiz baking contest last year, with five plaques, including two first prizes for best lean and sweet breads.
The affair was the first provincial-wide baking contest in Misamis Occidental.
First prize winners will get a plaque and a sack of flour from Pilmico Foods Corporation. Second and third prize winners will get plaques and cash amounts of P700 and P500 respectively.
Pilmico’s sales manager, Jerson Laban, came to hand the cheque for second and third placers to the Jimenez municipal treasurer’s office.

Winners in the Municipal-Wide Contest

Best Traditional Torta
1st Prize-Luz Sumena (Santa Cruz)
2nd Prize-Emerita Bigcas (Corrales)
3rd Prize-Ukay Bakeshop owned by Edwin/Arlene Ukay (Agora)

Best Modern Torta
1st Prize-Luz Sumena (Santa Cruz)
2nd Prize-Sunny Bee Bakeshop managed by Eurlyn Serino (Agora)
3rd Prize-Leonila Berhay (Santa Cruz)

Best Chiffon Cake
1st Prize-Janice Luzano,orange chiffon (Nacional)
2nd Prize-Janice Luzano,pandan chiffon (Nacional)
3rd Prize-Leonila Berhay (Santa Cruz)

Best Chocolate Cake
1st Prize- Edwin Ukay Bakeshop-owned by Edwin/Arlene Ukay(Agora)
2nd Prize-Cheryl Maghuyop (Taraka )
3rd Prize-Cheryl Maghuyop (Taraka)

Best Patatas
1st Prize-Rom El Daily Bread owned by Elna Putis-Agustin (Dicoloc)
2nd Prize-Sally’s Bakeshop owned by Merlyn Maghuyop-Corpuz
3rd Prize-Magadan’s Bakery owned by Nemesia Magadan(Rizal)

Best Cookies
1st Prize-Mila’s Cookies-Mila Macalisang-Yamba (Santa Cruz)
2nd Prize-Delia Pasok (Santa Cruz)
3rd Prize-Sunny Bee Bakeshop managed by Eurlyn Serino(Agora)
Best Suman in Banana Leaves
1st Prize-Virginia Masay (Seti)
2nd Prize- Pedrita Panganoron (San Isidro)
-Teresita Lasta(Taboo)
3rd Prize- Ildefonsa Pang-an (Corrales)
4th Prize-Ukay Bakeshop owned by Edwin/Arlene Ukay (Agora)

Best Bibingka
1st Prize- Narcisa Caylan (San Isidro)
2nd Prize-Anita Lagulos (Gata)
3rd Prize- Rufina Balagot
Best Puto Bugas
1st Prize-Anita Lagulos (Gata)
2nd Prize-Nena Sitoy (San Isidro)
3rd Prize-Teresita Lasta (Taboo)

Winners of the 1st Pilmico Open Invitational Baking Contest
45 food entries

Best Pan de Sal
1st Prize-Naomi’s Bakery (Ozamiz City)
2nd Prize-Superable’s Bakeshoppe/Western Mindanao School of Technology
3rd Prize- Superable’s Bakeshoppe/WMST (Ozamiz City)

Best Pan de Leche
1st Prize- Superable’s Bakeshoppe/ WMST (Ozamiz City)
2nd Prize- Superable’s Bakeshoppe/ WMST (Ozamiz City)
3rd Prize- La Europa Bakeshop (Geege Megamall, Ozamiz City)

Best Ensaymada
1st Prize-Naomi’s Bakery (Ozamiz City)
2nd Prize- Superable’s Bakeshoppe/ WMST (Ozamiz City)
3rd Prize- Superable’s Bakeshoppe/ WMST (Ozamiz City)

Best New Bread
1st Prize- Superable’s Bakeshoppe/ WMST (Ozamiz City)
2nd Prize-Naomi’s Bakery (Ozamiz City)
3rd Prize-Madelicious Bakeshop (Ozamiz City)

Sexy vendors sell OTOP products to bus passengers

Mario L. Cuezon
March 6, 2008

On a hot day, buy milk!

It was a sleepy humid morning in a small terminal with colored seats in the agora of Jimenez town, the second oldest in Misamis Occidental of region 10-Northern Mindanao but at the northern tip of Zamboanga peninsula. There were a few passengers waiting for buses or vans to take them to Ozamiz or probably Pagadian, capital of Zamboanga del Sur or probably to far Iligan or Cagayan de Oro or Oroquieta or probably Dipolog, capital of Zamboanga del Norte.
Two women in their 30s were sitting near tables with small ice chests and dainty baskets with plastic bottles inside and hanging in its sides are packs of cookies and patatas. The bottles contained fresh milk and chocolate milk. The women wore t-shirts, long pants and sandals. One wore a t-shirt emblazoned in front with the picture of an old church and a black sombrero.
When a bus arrived and parked for a few minutes, the two women stood up and with their plastic baskets, came near the windows and door, calling out for buyers. One came up and announced, “Good morning, we are selling milk from the town’s municipal dairy farm.”
A woman near the door called out and selected what to buy, and handed her the payment. The peddler hurriedly took some money from her pocket to give the change. The bus started and she called out to the driver to wait for a few seconds. She went down and returned to her seat. One of the women, announced she will be having lunch. The other one agreed to a short interview while no bus or van is around.
She was a round-faced woman with a pleasant smile that makes one comfortable. Her skin is even dark brown, the kind one would associate with those of Hindu or Indian blood. When her smile came full circle, it revealed white teeth that could be put to good use to advertise a toothpaste brand. Her name is Maria Elvira Gamonez-Rebuya but she sports the nickname, Pinky, for which she had been known in this town of 25,000 residents, for more than three decades. She is 35 years old, married with three children, aged 13, 11 and four months old. A graduate of a one year computer course in Misamis University, she had been on the job for more than a month. Her husband, who is suffering from a stone in his gall bladder stays at home and watches over their videoke bar which is opened mostly at night in a town that is basically dependent on the coconut industry, the government, some businesses and perhaps its share of Overseas Filipino Workers.
She had to leave her infant to the care of her husband so she can get a job that pays her P120 a day from Monday to Sunday, if she does not want to rest. Normally, though she and other peddlers, rest on Saturday or Sunday to wash clothes and rest.
She had heard of the vacancy from friends manning the Jimenez Pasalubong Display Center. This was when the center’s overseer transferred to the Department of Education so one of the peddlers had to be reassigned to the center. Thus a vacancy for peddlers was created. She applied to the mayor, a 50ish lanky former businessman, Ranulfo B. Limquimbo, whose father had been a successful copra and charcoal trader before becoming a mayor himself after the EDSA revolution.
Pinky says the job is not that easy. While the basket is small, it becomes heavy after carrying it for sometime. She says her feet tires of climbing up and down buses. Sometimes, the buses start up and still they are not finished selling or giving change to clients. It is also hot and they have to wear hats for protection. As incentive so they will really work hard to have more sales, she gets 10% commission for her sales. When sales are not brisk, she sells P300 worth of goods at the end of the day. But there are times, when it is hot, she can earn more.
So in a way, she actually earns a little bit more than the municipal employees forever in the shade of their offices.
Her colleague, Cielo Pacas-Sabacahan, in an earlier interview said that because of the heat, they have to wear sweet shirts and colorful stylish hats. Some bus drivers taunted her that the milk they are selling are surely sweet and nutritious as the beautiful bodies of the peddlers show. Or sometimes, bus drivers bargain for lower prices. To which she gamely answered that they can get bargain prices if they suckle from the cows themselves.

OTOP peddlers

Pinky may not know it but she is the only government-paid ambulant peddler hawking products of the government’s One Town One Product (OTOP) program. Well, she and her fellow peddler, Cielo Pacas-Sabacahan and the replacement for times one is absent or on day off.
Nothing ordinary?
They are not vendors who come in dirty clothes. The ambulant vendors are well-dressed like promo girls of shampoos or noodles, sometimes in colorful tee-shirts featuring the town’s Spanish era church.
Not vendors who are blackened by years of selling under the hot sun and who had not had any chance to study.
They could probably be the sexiest peddlers in Misamis Occidental and they are not peddling sex. The other vendor, Pacas-Sabacahan, who is absent to take care of a sick child, holds a four year degree course, Bachelor of Science in Commerce. And so was the one whom Pinky replaced, Eldemelia Sitoy, who is a Commerce graduate.
Not vendors with nigo (winnower) of junk foods and soft drinks. They carry small plastic bags with packed cookies, durian polvoron, durian yema and bottles of fresh or chocolate milk, all produced by food processors of this town with 24 barangays. The town’s OTOP is processed foods which includes numerous delicacies topped by torta, suman and cookies which are served and given as “bringhaws” (literally bring house or pasalubong) during poblacion and barangay fiestas.
OTOP is a priority program of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo which aims to awaken pride of place at the same time, to create new businesses and employ more people. It is being handled by the Department of Trade and Industry, where GMA was an undersecretary before she entered politics.

No History of Peddlers

The presence of these ambulant peddlers is a new phenomenon in this town, which also hosts a factory producing crude coconut oil and copra cake and two oil depots of Petron and Shell. Petron also fills and refills liquified petroleum gas tanks here. The town is also known for its old Spanish era-church and old buildings some of whom figure prominently in Philippine history.
This town which is the second oldest in the province after Ozamiz (formerly Misamis) never had known ambulant peddlers before in its more than 200 years of history.
This is because there was not one permanent terminal for the passenger trucks before. Passengers flag vehicles passing along the length of the town’s poblacion lined with old houses, some of which are historical, with one visited by all presidents of the republic and another printing the country’s emergency money during World War II.The terminals in the 70s and 80s were far apart and there were no vendors like in the terminals of Oroquieta, Ozamiz, Tangub, Bonifacio and Calamba. Even when the integrated bus terminal was set up in the agora in the 1990s, no one sold foods by the winnowers or baskets to the passengers. By this time, passenger trucks need not enter the town’s poblacion as a diversion road was created.
The absence of food peddlers was discussed late last year by three members of High School 70s, a SEC-registered association of residents in the 1970s which include the present mayor, Ranulfo B. Limquimbo. The three discussants happened to be kins : Mario L. Cuezon, Dete Lusica-Acosta and Marilyn Quimbo-Medes. Cuezon and Acosta were employees of the Department of Trade and Industry-Misamis Occidental. Cuezon is assigned to processed foods sector in Jimenez. Acosta is co-head of the Tourism Association of the town which started to popularize the Sakay-Sakay Festival some two years ago. Medez is the mayor’s sister and his private secretary. They were then discussing a prophetic solution to marketing problems.
Peddling was not a tradition in the town. But it became a must to sell its products.

The Sexiest Peddlers in the Province

Rio P. Lagaac heads the Jimenez Municipal Economic Enterprises Development Office (JMEEDO) which groups the town’s income generating projects, including the Pasalubong Display Center which is technically under the Jimenez Municipal Nursery under Vima Macalisang-Bolanio. Lagaac said that Bolanio approached her about the problem of how to market milk more aggressively. Because of marketing problems, some of their milk are not sold. This was the reason, they made milk bath soap. But they wanted to sell more, so they set up the pasalubong center. Even then, more agressive marketing approaches had to be made.
But the problem was who will be selling the products?
Lagaac said that he went around the market talking to people about the vacancies for peddlers. No one applied. He said it is not in the culture of even the poor in or near agora to peddle wares. He also asked Bolanio to find peddlers but she could not find any. So he ordered two of her market collectors to sell the products. Sabacahan and Sitoy were the most unlikely candidates for peddlers. They were among the sexiest and most beautiful of the JMEEDO staffers. Sabacahan is a morena with pretty features. Sitoy had fair complexion that could be mistaken as that of a Chinese mestiza. And they dress well. And they were college degree holders. They thought it was below them to sell food products, even if it includes the town’s best.
To make them accede, Lagaac told them, if you do not want to follow, I will terminate you.He was bluffing though but he thought of getting peddlers so the two would have to be reassigned by mayor to other offices.
So last January 2, 2008, peddling in the terminal was born.
The first two peddlers could probably the province’s sexiest, most beautiful and most educated peddlers ever at that historical point in time.
Prior to that, Lagaac noted that though buses of Rural Transit actually enter the terminal in the agora, they really do not stop over for a few minutes, if there are no passengers. There was an existing resolution by the town council made a “long time ago” that buses should stop over for a few minutes. But it was not implemented. Now, he thought, is the time to implement it, to promote the town’s products.
Lagaac revealed that the bus company is paying P3,500 a month for the big buses to be able to get passengers at the Jimenez terminal. The small buses have to pay P10 a day while vans shell out P12 to get passengers here.

Rural Transit Manager Says Okay

He wrote the Rural Transit Mindanao Inc to ask their drivers to stop for a while. The branch manager, Engineer Ramon T. Valencia, based at Bulua, Cagayan de Oro, visited the town sometime in February to see why they have to stop. Lagaac told him they want to sell their products. Valencia agreed to order their bus drivers for a stop over for a few minutes. The JMEEDO provided plastic chairs for passengers until the bus company sent strong steel chairs.
The first two peddlers complained to friends. They studied for four years in college only to end up as milk peddlers. Sitoy complained of breast pains because of an operation. Sabacahan had fever after exposure to the heat in the first week. Then there were talks by envious staffers of their “high” commissions.
But the work of the first two led to higher sales. The center grossed P40,000 last January 2008, several times higher than the December sales. The sales figure was even higher than that of the pasalubong shoppe at the Misamis Occidental Aqua Marine Park at nearby Sinacaban, the province’s number one beach resort and tourist attraction.
Lagaac is satisfied with the results. But he is all out in supporting the peddlers, identified as sales clerk in the payroll. He gave them one t-shirt each and asked male employees to help them carry their load to and from the center. If one is absent, he pulls out meter readers of the waterworks system to substitute as peddler. He clarified however that he only sees to it that there are employees posted in the terminal. The job of supervising the peddlers is left to Bolanio.

The Products They are Selling

The products they are selling may not be the kind that fills to overflowing the shelves of groceries, but they are not something to reckon, even if placed side by side with the province’s or the region’s best.
The cow’s milk not only comes in fresh or as chocolate milk or its variation, chocolate milk ice candy at five pesos for school children. There are other products made out of milk: milk bath soap, maja blanca, chocolate maja blanca. And from the nursery’s fruit trees, they have produced durian polvoron, durian yema and during harvest season, durian candy, durian jam, jackfruit candies.
The nursery also sells seedlings of grafted durian, rambutan, lanzones, cloned calamansi, ornamentals and fruits. When the provincial Gender and Development office started experimenting on bottled rambutan, rambutan from Jimenez were among the prized products. Fruits from farmers had actually decreased the prices of these fruits here in this town.
While the nursery had its own share of prizewinning delicacies, private enterpreneurs also produce numerous delicacies worth everyone’s purse and palates.
Marietta Ozamiz, the wife of former Congressman Julio (son of World War II martyr and the province’s first governor, congressman and only senator, Jose Ozamiz) is manufacturing the recipes of her auntie-in-law, Fe Consuelo, ex-town councilor. Their guava jam, guava jelly, mango jelly and mangosteen jam come in bottles with colorful labels and clear seals that can have a place in grocery shelves. They are marketed also in grocery stores in Manila and are even brought abroad as pasalubong treats.
There are also cookies from Eurlyn Serino, patatas from Merlyn Maghuyop-Corpuz and from Elna Putis-Agustin, banana chips from Vima Bolanio (yes, the nursery manager), otap from Magadan’s Bakery. Micro-enterpreneurs come to display various home-made delicacies like gollorias, torta, cakes, polvoron with pinipig, chocolates, peanut butter, and many others. The High School 70s, an association of decade batch mates, is selling t-shirts featuring the old church.


If the pasalubong center is earning some dough, the mother unit, the JMEEDO is doing fine too, Lagaac said. In January 2008 alone, JMEEDO earned P1,311,685.40. Of course, this seems to be the year’s highest as January is the time when businesses pay their licenses and other fees.
But what is JMEEDO?
“It is a government entity run like a business. Under it, you produce results!” Lagaac declared.
It is the local government unit’s earning arm. Under JMEEDO, are the town’s income generating divisions or offices –like the waterworks system, market, slaughterhouse, cemetery and nursery (which includes the pasalubong center and peddlers). Lagaac said that the motor pool which also earns some income used to be part of JMEEDO but problems with recording had forced him to drop it as an earning unit.
Last year, JMEEDO earned P7.4 M. About P6 M is earned from taxes. On top of that is the P30 M internal revenue allotment (IRA) from the national government. IRA is the share of the taxes paid by the residents. The barangays also get their share of the IRA such that there are rich and poor barangays, IRA-wise.

Source of JMEEDO Idea

But where did they get the idea of forming a JMEEDO?
He said that they got the idea from Naawan in Misamis Oriental, way back in 2004. At that time, the Naawan MEEDO had already been in place for a year. Naawan’s municipal economic enterprise development office grouped income generating offices like the market, slaughterhouse, cemetery and goat raising project which produces goat’s milk and goat’s milk soap.
Naawan, however, had a smaller economy than Jimenez, Lagaac qualified.` Its market collection then was only P300,000 a year. About two to three pigs are killed in their slaughterhouse every day. Compare that to one cow and about four pigs killed every day in the Jimenez slaughterhouse every day.
The MEEDO idea of Naawan was already considered a best practice.
On October 29, 2004 Mayor Limquimbo joined a lakbay-aral to Naawan. Impressed by what he saw, he ordered an exploration on his town’s economic enterprises. The study took about a year. On August 3, 2005 he called a meeting for a plan of action to create JMEEDO. It was attended by Lagaac (admin officer IV then), Maria Lourdes A. Econ (budget officer), Ellen U. Peralta (accountant), Nomar Chiong (SB committee on finance), Walter Talibong (municipal engineer), Lilia Bhagwani (DILG officer), and Tita Sumalinog (treasurer).
On September 12, 2005, Mayor issued an EO creating the JMEEDO technical working group. It was this group which attended the workshop last September 14-16, 2005. Representatives from Jimenez LGU, Oroquieta City (capital of Mis. Occ.) and Balingasag, Misamis Oriental attended the workshop. But Balingasag and Oroquieta were not able to implement their MEEDO. In Oroquieta, the mayor and the sangguniang panglungsod were at odds against each other so the MEEDO did not push through. Mayor Limquimbo immediately set his people to work on creating the JMEEDO.
On September 28, 2005 a resource scanning and diagnostic audit team by the technical working group confirmed the need for a JMEEDO.
On October 14, 2005, the Sangguniang Bayan approved Municipal Ordinance No. 3 of 2005 creating the JMEEDO.
And voila! On January 2006, the JMEEDO was born!
Of course with a lot of birth pangs. It was the first MEEDO in Misamis Occidental ! The provincial government under Governor Leo Ocampos followed suit with its Provincial Economic Enterprise Development Office grouping under it the Misamis Occidental Aqua Marine Project, Gender and Development office and the drug rehabilitation center.

The Results?

Lagaac said that there was a dramatic rise in the income of the various offices under him. Because of more income, they were able to hire more people. He said that JMEEDO is the source of money used in paying the LGU staff. Last year, the salaries and wages of casuals and contractuals cost P1.6 M while those of regular staff was P2.3 M. All that came from JMEEDO earnings.
“Sa JMEEDO, way lugi,” he added. (In JMEEDO, there are no loses.)
Before the system was set up, some of waterworks clients had not paid for five to six years because the staff won’t cut off the lines of those who don’t pay on time. Before, the delinquences in water and market users was P500,000. Now, with JMEEDO, the arrears was reduced to P57,542.78.

Not Perfect Yet

But the system, based on the arrears is not perfect. Yet.
He admits that he even needs to see the financial statements on the dairy farm and processed foods. He only gets to see the net sales reflected on the JMEEDO records. He had asked Bolanio to present the breakdown of costs and expenses. But in that respect, he also needs the figures of the dairy farm manager, Juvy Palanas or municipal agriculturist, Rodrigo Simbajon. The dairy farm was given P500,000 by Philippine Australia Livelihood Support (PALS) to buy cows from the National Dairy Authority.
And there is the problem of the motor pool whose records are problematic such that it was dropped off as an income earner.
Much of their infrastructure needs some repair or rehabilitation or construction.

Plans for Development

The waterworks need P30 M for more new pipes for new areas or to replace old ones. Even one section of the agora had no running pipeline cutting across it such that businesspeople in this street used water pumps. They are looking for funding agencies where they can get funds for water rehabilitation. But they have also socialized the fees of water users. Homeowners pay at lower rates while commercial establishments pay more.
The agora’s high tank, for instance, needed a generator to pump water up.Once the tank already has water, he can start work on the conversion of a second floor structure in the terminal into a lodging house. The area has three rooms which can then be equipped with double decks and rented out to lodgers at P100 a day. Work on this will start by April first week.
“Sales agents will use the lodging house,” he said. “They like the place because it is very peaceful. The agora is guarded 24 hours a day.” He added.
The vegetable section of the agora also needs a building to house it. As of now, the vegetable vendors occupy small stalls with no water, which is vital to keep vegetables fresh and clean.
Lagaac said that once that building is made, he will transfer the tricycle terminal there. The present tricycle terminal can then be set aside for a mall.
He also said that JMEEDO also plans to involve itself in the fresh fish business with the construction of a refrigeration building. As of now, complaints are heard from consumers who say that prices of fresh meat and fish here is higher compared to Ozamiz and Oroquieta cities.
They also plan a building for farmers to be able to make use of modern technology including the internet highway. Funds are already set for that by Congressman Clarete. The building will be placed in the old market site which will also become a park, with a pond for banca rowing, thanks to a natural spring in the area. The old stalls will also give way to a function hall.
There are also plans to buy 10 hectares of land for a memorial park or the modern cemetery somewhere near San Isidro. The old municipal cemetery is already so full so he had “apartments” constructed. But in the future, they would need a bigger site as people die, naturally. But they have a problem finding a ten hectare lot.
“We will probably expropriate that area,” he explained. “Like the expropriation we did to get lands to make the agora and the nursery-public high school.”
There were owners who filed a case on the agora conversion. The case went on while the ricefields were being filled with boulders or land. In the case of the nursery lot, the heirs of the Ozamiz family, the Mendesonas based in Cebu, would not want to part with the land at first. But the government had its way and the land was paid and turned into a nursery. Later, half of it was turned into a public high school.

Good Morning!

Despite the numerous problems associated with the running of JMEEDO, Lagaac is optimistic about the present set-up. Before this posting, he was the personnel officer of the LGU so he is quite familiar with the plus and minus factors of running municipal employees. Before, he holds office in a small office with about two or three tables near the office of the mayor. Now, he lords a small airconditioned office, manned mostly by waterworks employees who receive payments or read water meters. His office is in the first floor of a small two story building. It is rectangular in shape, rather long but it is airconditioned. The rest of the first story is occupied by two comfort rooms while the upper story is occupied by the market supervisor’s office and staff and radio offices. Outside, the heat sears the soul. In this part of the agora, trees are not planted. Other parts of the agora are rather green with indian trees, talisays and mahoganies swaying to the light breeze.
One hundred meters away from his office are the terminals. The tricycle terminal is near the pasalubong center. Some steps from it is the terminal for vehicles for Ozamiz or Oroquieta. In a part of this terminal are the two tables of JMEEDO sales clerks a.k,a, peddlers or vendors, with stylish hats, colorful shirts, dainty plastic bags with packs of cookies and patatas, and bottles of fresh and chocolate milks.
A bus parks and Pinky stood up with her food wares and approaches the vehicle. She climbed up the bus and called out to passengers, “Good morning, we are offering Jimenez’s best, our fresh and chocolate milk...”

ANNOUNCEMENT (March 10, 2008)Araw ng Jimenez Contests

(Cleanest Bakery, Baking Contests, Photography Contest)
Prizes: Plaque and the honor of being remembered for years,
P1,000-1st prize; P800-2nd prize; P500--3rd prize

Sponsors: Jimenez LGU under Mayor Ranulfo B. Limquimbo,
Co-Sponsors : New Lam Chiong, DTI, DOH,
Jimenez Bakers and Other Food Processors Association

April 8, 2008 Open Invitational Cheer Dance Competition
April 7-8, 2008- Food Fair, Municipal Hall/Plaza
April 7, 2008
Cleanest Bakery--Judges are from Municipal Health Office under Dr. Carolyn Q. Galleros.

Baking Contest – second floor, Jimenez Municipal Hall
(Open only to Jimenez food processors)
Best Torta (Traditional)
Best Torta (Modern)
Best Chiffon Cake
Best Chocolate / Moist Cake
Best Patatas
Best Cookies
Best Suman (cover, banana leaves)
Best Bibingka
Best Puto Bugas
Registration Fee is P25 per entry. Please fill up application fee and pay registration fee to Ms. Pedrita (Tata) Maulas-Luza at Market Supervisor’s Office.

Photography Contest (with New Lam Chiong), open to non-residents
Best Photograph of OTOP (One Town One Product) Processed Foods (made in Jimenez, with or without the food makers)
Best Photograph of Tourist Spot (Man-made or Natural Scenes of Jimenez)
Photographs must be developed (size 8 by 10) at New Lam Chiong where participant must fill up application form. Participant must pay for cost of developing (P100). Winning Photographs will be used by LGU to promote tourism.
Processed foods are those made by Jimenez food makers.List includes winners of last year’s baking contest and those consistently displaying their products at the pasalubong display center.
JMEEDO/Nursery –fresh milk, chocolate milk, durian polvoron, durian yema, durian jam, maja blanca, milk bath soap
Ozamiz Enterprises Inc.-guava jam, guava jelly, mangosteen jam, mango jelly
Magadan’s Bakery-bibingkang malagkit, otap, torta, custard cake, fig pie, ensaymada, cookies
Ukay’s Bakery/Arlene Galindo-Ukay- suman, bolobod, sandwich (ordinary and marble), torta
Eurlyn Serino-torta, cookies
Teresita Lasta-moron
Mercy Duhaylungsod-empanada,binuylos, binangkal
MATALBA/Fe Malalis-cassava bibingka, buko pie
Leonila Berhay-torta
Luz Sumena-torta, chocolate cake, cookies
Janice Luzano-chiffon cake, chocolate cake, other cakes
Venus Valles-chocolate cake
Three Sister’s Bakeshop-sandwich (big)
Merlyn Maghuyop-Corpuz-patatas
Elna Putis-Agustin-patatas, sopas(dahlia)
Vima Bolanio (banana chips)
Other Bakeries-Deeze’s, Junjie’s, Jimenez Bakery, Ann Raulet’s Bakeshop, Justin’s Bakeshop, BreadCorner, Mila’s Cookies, Alnil’s Food Products
Home-Based Food Processors-Anita Lagulos, Connie Hynson, Venus Regalado, Ildefonsa Pang-an, Lydia Bolodo, Sta. Cruz Women’s Assn

Photographs maybe of the following sites but may also include those not listed but has potentials for development as tourist spots.
Saint John the Baptist church (facade, altar, ceiling, Saint Faustina relic, etc.)
Old corral road (Naga)
Old convent (now School of Saint John, the Baptist building)
Old Catholic cemetery
Ozamiz mansion
Bacarro (now Tac-an) residence
Chiongbian’s house (office of Balais security firm)
other old houses (well preserved, historical --Domingo, Galindo, Yu, Indong Galindo, Tac-an), Dodo Chiong...)
Gabaldon Building (Central School)
Third Millenium Oil Mills, Petron and Shell Depots
White Sand (Palilan (Purico Reef), Taboo (Madre Reef), Ka Eyoy Sanctuary (Palilan), Taboo Sanctuary.
Kalutungan Falls(Carmen)
Salimpuno Falls (Carmen)
Dairy Farm (Matugas Alto)
Forest View Park (Matugas Alto)
Dakong Bato (Mialem)

Winners will be announced on April 7/8. Awarding ceremonies will be held two weeks after as plaques will still be ordered from Cagayan de Oro City.

For more information, please contact: Pedrita (Tata) Maulas-Luza, Marilyn Q. Medez (mayor’s office), Dr. Carolyn Q. Galleros (cleanest contest), Mario L. Cuezon (DTI). Dodong See (New Lam Chiong),

A new bakery-cum-restaurant opens in Jimenez

Mario L. Cuezon
February 19, 2008

A new bakery-cum-restaurant opened in Jimenez, Misamis Occidental last February 18, 2008.
Named Sunny Bee Bakeshop and Restaurant, the establishment is owned by John A. Serino, a seaman-chef. It is being managed by his sisters, Ellys and Eurlyn.
The siblings are children of the late Herminio C. Serino, who used to be a municipal councilor and a businessman operating a bakery and refreshment parlor in the old municipal market.
The eldest of the brood, Hernan, followed the steps of their father as a councilor for some years.
The establishment is in agora, in the commercial complex owned by Engineer Carlito Bomediano. In that complex are four other businesses comprising a water refilling station, a pharmacy, an appliance store and the Gata Daku Multi-Purpose Cooperative office. It is in front of Emma’s Fashion and the grocery owned by Jaime Putis.

How Food Processors Work

­A foo­d processor is a versatile kitchen appliance t­hat can quickly and easily chop, slice, shred, grind, and puree almost any food. Some models can also assist the home cook in making citrus and vegetable juice, beating cake batter, kneading bread dough, beating egg whites, and grinding meats and vegetables.
The food processor was introduced to the North American market in 1973 by engineer Carl Sontheimer, who had spent a year adapting a French industrial blender for the home cook. It took a few years for consumers to realize how useful the new appliance could be, but once they did, the food processor became a bestseller. Sontheimer's invention revolutionized food preparation in home kitchens around the world.
In this article, we'll learn about food processors and how to use them to perform common kitchen tasks. We'll also walk you through an easy recipe for your food processor.